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08.30.2010 Brazilian Mood music for W&L Theater’s upcoming performance of Euridyce. I played and recorded all of the instruments (no MIDI this time!) with the help of Ableton LiveCollings D-1Yamaha BB-3000SMeinl Artist Series (Luis Conte) Studio Shaker, an older Musser xylophone, Late 70s Gretsch drumsUniversal Audio 2-6102 Empirical Labs EL8M DistressorsMytek Stereo96 ADCDigidesign MBox 2,RCA 77-DX and 44-BXMojave Audio MA-100 and a Sony MDR-7509HD.

01.30.2006 Ableton Live makes it fun to slice funk jams.

02.03.2005 This composition has been around in one form or another for a long time. Pete Meriwether helped write a bit of the head one day in the practice room. Bob Bowers is here on the saxes.

03.24.2005 Can’t go wrong with this famous Grant sample. After jamming over the groove for a few months at Pizza Perfect the guitar part solidified into a melody.

06.29.2005 Experimenting with texture samples and Impulse in Ableton Live. Guitar is acoustic with various effects in Ableton like Grain Delay, etc. Multiple versions of Steinberg Groove Agent are driving the majority of percussion sounds.

01.07.2005 A bit of jazz odyesey tonight (this one’s by the bass player) with Bob Bowers on tenor sax and myself laying down the bass, keys and drums. This track was recorded real-time with the help of Ableton LiveNative Instruments Elektrik PianoSIR Impulse Response ProcessorDFH SuperiorSpectrasonics TrilogyWaves PluginsSteinberg Groove AgentFostex T-20Sennheiser’s HD-580Presonus FirepodPresonus HP4M-Audio Keystation Pro88 and an EV RE20

08.30.2004 A techno/house track made with Steinberg Nuendo 2 and Edirol OrchestralSpectrasonics TrilogyWaves PluginsSteinberg Groove AgentSteinberg HypersonicFostex T-20Presonus FirepodM-Audio Keystation Pro88 and an EV RE20

08.29.2004 I’ve been messing around with Steinberg Nuendo 2 and Edirol OrchestralIK Multimedia AmpliTubeSpectrasonics TrilogyWaves Plugins, , Steinberg Groove AgentDFH SuperiorNative Instruments B4Sennheiser’s HD-580Fostex T-20Presonus FirepodM-Audio Keystation Pro88, an old trumpet and an EV RE20

I played every track into the computer along with live guitar and trumpets. Organ, drums, percussion, bass, alto sax, and trombone sounds are generated by VSTi plug-ins that I created with Nuendo and a USB controller. I am utilzing the plug-ins like this:

  • Groove Agent for the drum patterns
  • DFH Superior Drummer for the kit
  • DFH Superior Percussion for the tambourine
  • Trilogy bass instrument
  • acoustic trumpet stacks recorded with EV RE-20 plugged directly into audio interface
  • alto sax and trombone from Edirol’s Orchestral
  • Native Instruments’ B4 organ
  • IK Multimedia’s Amplitube for electric guitar plugged directly into audio interface
05.31.2004 Keyboarding Computer Musician (me) vs. sampler and DJ (Peter Scratch aka Blackat Sylvesta from “Out of Place”) using Steinberg’s NuendoSteinberg’s Groove AgentSteinberg’s The GrandSpectrasonics TrilogyEdirol OrchestralWaves PluginsBoss SP-303,Technics 1200Edirol’s PCR-50M-Audio Keystation Pro88M-Audio’s Firewire 410 and the Roland RD-600

  • Sting Fan Club (jam with Edirol’s strings and flute scratches)
  • Way Back (long jam utilzing Trilogy’s awesome upright sound – goes way out at the end)
  • Island Power (I wrote this on the DDBB bus late one night)
05.31.2004 Guitar-based groove using Steinberg’s NuendoSteinberg’s Groove AgentIK Multimedia AmpliTubeSpectrasonics TrilogyWaves PluginsEdirol’s PCR-50M-Audio’s Firewire 410Yamaha Pacifica, and the Roland RD-600

04.12.2004 Bob Bowers is Nashville’s best kept secret with his dominance over any woodwind instrument including saxes, clarinets, flutes, bassoons, etc. Bob joins me here on flute during our first Redmon Connection Mondays (EDIT: before Bob’s new dayjob put a stop to that) recording session using Steinberg’s NuendoSteinberg’s Groove AgentSteinberg’s The GrandWaves PluginsEdirol’s PCR-50M-Audio’s Firewire 410Sennheiser’s HD-580Fostex’ T-20, and an EV RE20

04.01.2004 Song beds I made for Julie Huntington’s French class to rap over using Steinberg’s NuendoSteinberg’s Groove AgentSteinberg’s The GrandWaves PluginsNovation’s V-StationNative Instruments’ B4Edirol’s PCR-50M-Audio’s Firewire 410Line6’s PodSennheiser’s HD-580, and the Roland RD-600

  • track 1 (bass & drums quickie)
  • track 2 (bass & industrial drums quickie)
  • track 3 (fun organ groove)
  • track 4 (piano, guitar, and bass smoove one)
2004 Song beds, loops, and songs I’ve made using Steinberg’s NuendoSteinberg’s Groove AgentSteinberg’s The GrandWaves Plugins,Novation’s V-StationNative Instruments’ B4Edirol’s PCR-50M-Audio’s Firewire 410Line6’s PodSennheiser’s HD-580, and theRoland RD-600

1997-2003 Song beds, loops, and songs I’ve made using Sonic Foundry’s AcidAbleton Live, and Syntrillium’s Cool Edit Pro

02.10.2003 Rough Mix for Baby Stout

Rebecca Stout – vocals; Paul – bass, guitar; Derek Green – drums; Graham Spice – trumpet, keyboard, mixing engineering

11.18. 2002 Rough Mixes for Frank Reynolds

Frank Reynolds – vocals, bass;, Pete Meriwether – drums; Graham Spice – guitar, keyboard

11.17.2002 The Regulars

Andy Becky – vocals, guitar; Joey – vocals, guitar; Katie – vocals; Pete Meriwether – drums; Jon Grant – bass; Graham Spice – keyboard, trumpet; Chris Grainger – engineer

1998 Rebecca Stout
I just came across these Rebecca Stout tracks that I played trumpet and electric piano on. This was my first paying session out of college and man was I psyched – check out the rhythm section! These tracks were only released on the Treason Records Sampler Vol. 1 as far as I know.

  1. The Liberator (3.86MB MP3)
  2. Dog (5.64MB MP3)

Rebecca Stout – vocals; Victor Wooten – acoustic bass; Reggie Wooten – guitar; J.D. Blair (The Groove Regulator) – drums; Graham Spice – trumpet, electric piano; Rob DeHart – electric upright bass; Art Ruangtip – trombone; Derek Green – shakers; Neal Cappellino – engineer at Poppi Studios

summer of 1996 Rebecca Stout & The Circus Inebrius
The Empress

  1. Empress
  2. Icarus’ Revenge
  3. Dog
  4. Under Blue
  5. The Liberator
  6. What Little Girls Are Made Of

Rebecca Stout – vocals; Dan Immel – double bass; Josh Rouse – guitar, trombone; Sharon Gilchrist – double bass, vocals; Derek Green – drums; Graham Spice – trumpet, keyboard, whistle; Grey Garner – engineer at Velvet Studios

1996 The Belmont University New Music Ensemble (BUNME)
directed by Don Byrd

  1. Head Doctor (Toby Leonard)
  2. Jubilee (John Gladwell)
  3. Lazy Daisy (Takashi Nagai)
  4. Santo Canto (Gonzalo Rubalcaba)
  5. Slow Valentine (Rich Toomey)

Toby Leonard – mandolin, guitar, bass; Rich Toomey – guitar; Takashi Nagai – guitar; Daev Seezen – drums; Graham Spice – trumpet, keyboards, guitar; April Scott – piano; Joe “Raspberry” Maloney – bass; Scott Alexander – violin, guitar; Patrick “Rev. JP Funk” Dolan – alto sax; John Sharp – coiled magnetic piece of wood; many others…

Dr. John “Leroy Banana” Thompson makes a special guest appearance on track #2

1994 Here are some old recordings I copied off cassette with a little tweak in REAPER. They were all recorded in Studio A at Belmont University in 1994 although I think that some of Dan’s tune was recorded in the stairway of the Massey Bldg.