04.08.12 1176 Compressor shootout on electric bass: Hairball 1176 (hardware), Waves CLA-76 (software), and UAD 1176LN (software) (ZIP 51MB)
03.19.12 ProTools 9 Acoustic Guitar test of 500-series preamps (Five Fish X-12 mk500, Avedis MA5 (blackface), Phoenix DRS-1R) (ZIP 31.5MB)
08.07.10 Final Literature Review of Jazz Improvisation Pedagogy (PDF 94k)
08.05.10 Presentation of Jazz Improvisation Pedagogy Research (MOV 42MB)
07.20.10 5 Video Camera Comparison (YouTube Link)
06.23.10 Producing a Music Video (PDF 84k)
06.16.10 Antecedent March created by IUPUI MUS-N 522 (YouTube Link)
05.27.10 tutorial (YouTube Link)
05.22.10 Virtual Instrument info for Boogie-talk Project #2 (HTML)
10.09.09 Yellow Tools Culture Groove Pack with Independence Player in Ableton Live (HTML)
05.14.09 Ableton Live Drum Rack for Alesis ControlPad (ZIP 8k)
09.26.07 Suggested Piano Voicings for simple ii-V-I progression in all 12 keys (PDF 48K)
01.07.07 Guitar neck with A triad superimposed over E-flat triad (GIF 8K)

Guitar neck displaying A diminished Half/Whole scale with notes in RED that are not part of the A triad superimposed over E-flat triad (GIF 10K)

As suggested by Jimmy Herring in video of AIM Master Class from Dec. ’06

11.28.06 Blank guitar neck charts with space for comments (PDF 19K)
06.24.06 Inversions and common tones in “Digital Apples” by Chris West (PDF 40K)
05.11.05 “Reflections” by Thelonious Monk created with Finale (PDF 60K)

“Reflections” in Bb by Thelonious Monk created with Finale (PDF 60K)

03.29.05 “We See” by Thelonious Monk created with Finale (PDF 48K)
11.17.04 User presets for M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 as requested on Ableton Live forum (ZIP 4K)
10.02.04 Frequency response comparison between Shure SM-57 and Audix i5 (HTML)
08.01.04 Playlist for most Dirty Dozen Brass Band pre-show, set break, and post-show music from 06.03.04 – 07.05.04(HTML)
08.01.04 I used to have a ZIP file for use with the UBB6 -> PHPBB2 Converter (v0.2.5). This is now obsolete. You should check Graham Eames’ site for any updates.

click here for the phpBB forum with full discussion for this UBB6 to PHPBB2 Converter

07.11.04 The Dirty Dozen Brass Band—Sound Info (HTML)
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band—Stage Plot (GIF)
10.07.03 DIVs on top of IFRAMEs (HTML)
Having quite a bit of trouble getting a DHTML menu utilizing DIV layers to display over an IFRAME. This is pretty boring, but here’s the research so far.
05.29.03 “A Well Thought-Out Englilsh Paper”
by: Kyle “The Yellow Dart” Smith – (PDF 36K)
03.05.03 Windows 2000 optimization tips for DAW (PDF 44K)
Matt Delong’s more extensive Empower 2001 script
I do not provide any support for this scriptenjoy (ZIP 16k)
Matt Delong’s elegant Empower 2000 script
I do not provide any support for this script—enjoy (ZIP 10k)