getting Independence Player to work with the old Culture Groove Pack

Yellow Tools has released a new instrument that allows you to play their old Culture sounds on Intel Macs. This is cool because they are the best percussion sounds I've ever heard. This is not as cool because their awesome Groove Pack of MIDI files doesn't work easily with the Independence Player.

It's took me a while to figure out how to load a multi-layer Culture preset in Ableton Live 8 and use the Groove Pack MIDI files. Here are the steps I took to achieve this:

  1. load the MIDI file into multiple tracks in Ableton
  2. using the clip names, load the corresponding layers in the Independence Player
  3. assign each track in Ableton to output to Independence Player on different MIDI channels
  4. assign each layer in Indendence Player to receive input on the corresponding MIDI channel
  5. Hit Play!

I sent the outputs of each layer to a different Stereo Out in Indepence Player but this isn't necessary. Sometimes it's nice to use your own plugins built into your DAW to effect the output of each sound so I wanted to be sure that worked.

Click on the image below to view it at fullsize.

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